Beware of Certain Foods for Seniors — Potential Dangerous Drug Interactions!

Controlling chronic health conditions requires that many seniors, and often their family caregivers as well, take numerous medications. Add to these physician prescribed medications, they take the innumerable over-the-counter aids and supplements to prevent or cure this or that — and that number grows rapidly. While essential, these medications can bring dangers as well. Taking … Read more

Dietitian’s Tips for Keeping Your Senior Loved One’s System Regular

Let’s not be squeamish…it’s time to deal with irregularity.  It’s not all about eating yogurt every day! Even though it happens in every person, seniors are most often affected by irregularity and many seem to focus their attention on their bowel movements more than they realize. While an occasional bout of constipation is probably natural, … Read more

Foods to Help Seniors Build Strong Muscles

Seniors building muscles? Surely we’re not talking about bodybuilding? No, this is something more critical to their lives, their safety and health – fall prevention. Falling among seniors is a leading cause of injury, hospitalization and even death. Caregivers have heard this long enough to understand the implications of one misstep for their seniors especially … Read more

Seniors Going Gluten Free

Caregivers of seniors are often responsible for providing their loved one with foods that are nourishing, healthy and satisfying.  Sometimes that means keeping them away from foods that are not healthy for them. Recently there have been an increased number of Americans who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, numbering approximately 2 million affected people … Read more