What Is Thick Water And How To Make It

What Is Thick Water And How To Make It

What exactly is thick water? And why should I care? If you are someone who spends a bit of time on the internet then you may have heard of thick water. Thick water became a challenge by those on social media.  Although, thick water isn’t marketed as a challenge. In fact, thick water is really … Read more

Family Caregiver Food Safety Tips from Detective Foodsafe™

September is National Food Safety Education Month. We have an expert who will share how to keep family caregivers and your loved ones safe from food poisoning (and everyone who wants to avoid becoming the victim of food borne illness). Detective Foodsafe™ explores the mysteries of food contamination and food handling mishaps that can happen … Read more

Eating Well While Growing Older – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

As we age, many older adults tend to change the way they eat. This change may be intentional for many and while for others it is done unknowingly. Many will eat less thinking their bodies don’t need as much food because they aren’t as physically active as they once were. This way of thinking may … Read more

The Snarf Scarf: Neat Eating for Style & Dignity

Enabling senior loved ones to enjoy lives that are healthy, safe and comfortable is the mission of their family caregivers. Important to that is helping them live with self respect and dignity. Working with older adults for most of my career as a dietitian, I have worked closely with seniors who are recovering from strokes, dealing with Parkinson’s … Read more

Nutritious Home Delivered Meals for Seniors & Our Take on a New Option

Senior hunger in the U.S. is a very real problem. In 2014, three million seniors over 65 were victims of food insecurity, which means they did not have reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food. Seniors who live on their own, which is the goal of most, are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity. Too many older adults have limited access to … Read more