The Snarf Scarf: Neat Eating for Style & Dignity

Enabling senior loved ones to enjoy lives that are healthy, safe and comfortable is the mission of their family caregivers.

Important to that is helping them live with self respect and dignity.

Working with older adults for most of my career as a dietitian, I have worked closely with seniors who are recovering from strokes, dealing with Parkinson’s disease, fighting end stage Alzheimer’s and many other conditions that made eating more difficult.

Helping them maintain their independence while preserving their dignity is a goal that is not always realized, unfortunately.

Enter: The Snarf Scarf

Spillage is a part of life for many senior adults. Eating in a congregate dining program with other higher functioning seniors while losing half of your meal into your lap is not a dignified way to enjoy a meal.

‘Bibs’ may not sound very age appropriate but can be useful for many older adults, enabling them to continue feeding themselves without worrying about messing up their clothes.

That is where The Snarf Scarf fills the gap for many seniors and caregivers.

Recently we learned about this great product and took the opportunity to share it with you on the latest episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast.

Here are some of the popular designs on Etsy

  • 100% cotton or poly/cotton

  • 2 Sizes available

  • 100+ 5 star reviews on Etsy

The Standard is the best fit for small to average-sized people, measuring about 26″ from neck to waist.

The Large is the best fit for busty women, larger body frames, and/or bigger bellies, measuring about 30″ from neck to waist.

Tami Shadduck of Darwin Designs LLC tells us all about this helpful clothing – and dignity – protector that is so stylish that your senior will be proud to wear it!

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  • Parkinson’s Drug Shows Promise Against Macular Degeneration

Quick Tip

  • Food Safety for the Holidays and Everyday

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We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Senior Care Corner Podcast!

13 thoughts on “The Snarf Scarf: Neat Eating for Style & Dignity”

    • Thank you for your interest in this helpful product Cora. We hope you enjoyed our podcast. You can order online and get shipping information at The Snarf Scarf website.

    • We agree Mary, it is quite innovative and maintains dignity at a time when we need it the most. All ages can benefit! Thanks!

  1. I wish these ideas were here back when my mom was fighting Alz. Back in the early 2000’s they didn’t have the cool things they have today! Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comment Debra! There are so many great ideas to make our seniors more comfortable and safe these days aren’t’ there!

  2. I have muscular dystrophy. Sometimes I drop food in my lap because I can not keep the fork level to reach my mouth because of arm weakness. I have a suggestion for the scarf. Put a small pouch on the bottom. Maybe just about 4 inches at the bottom. Then the food would be stopped there and not roll to the pants or all the way to the floor. I am in a wheelchair and get embarrassed after eating in a restaurant to find some food that I have spilled on my footrest of my wheelchair..

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