What Is Thick Water And How To Make It

What exactly is thick water? And why should I care?

If you are someone who spends a bit of time on the internet then you may have heard of thick water. Thick water became a challenge by those on social media. 

Although, thick water isn’t marketed as a challenge. In fact, thick water is really important to some who need it to survive which is why we should care about thick water. 

Thick water is a type of water that has high mineral content. The minerals in thick water are beneficial because they provide essential nutrients to our bodies. 

In addition, drinking thick water helps us stay hydrated. As you can guess by the name, thick water has a thicker consistency. 

Thick water has many benefits and is something you can make yourself. So if you know someone who might benefit from drinking thick water, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we are to take a look at what exactly thick water is. We are also going to explain how you can make it. We’ve also thrown in some benefits of drinking thick water, so you can tell whether you need it in your life.

What Is Thick Water? 

Thick water literally means having a higher density than normal water. This means that it’s heavier. 

When you think about water, you probably picture it as clear. But there is actually more to water than meets the eye. There are two types of water: thin water and thick water. 

Thin water is the kind of water you drink every day, and is easy to find everywhere. It’s just like regular water. However, thick water is different. Thick water is much denser than regular water. It’s heavier. 

Why Should I Care About Drinking Thick Water? 

There are several reasons why people all over the world are making an effort to drink thick water. First off, thick water is good for your health. If you want to live a long healthy life, then you should be consuming plenty of thick water. 

Why? Because thick water contains minerals that help build strong bones and muscles. They also help keep your body healthy.

Another reason to drink thick water is that it keeps you hydrated. Hydration is very important for living a long healthy life. A lack of hydration can lead to dehydration. Dehydration causes fatigue, headaches, and muscle cramps. 

These symptoms are common among athletes during intense workouts. In order to avoid these problems, you must consume enough fluids throughout the day. Drinking thick water will ensure that you get enough fluid.

However, the most important reason we should care about thick water and making sure the right people are getting it, is because it helps people to live life a little easier. 

Thick water is important for those who have difficulty swallowing. As we age, we can develop a number of problems, one of those being difficulty swallowing. So for those who find it difficult to swallow, drinking thick water can ensure they stay hydrated safely. 

Drinking thick water helps to reduce the risk of those who find it hard to swallow developing aspiration pneumonia, lowers their chances of choking, and helps to reduce the risk of them coughing. 

This is why we should care about thick water. It makes people’s lives easier.

Who Should Drink Thick Water?

Who Should Drink Thick Water?

Thick water was designed to help those with a swallowing condition, which is also known as dysphagia. We discussed earlier how as we age it can cause problems in our bodies. 

When some people get older, they find that food and drinks can often get caught in their throats. This can be happening to them for a number of reasons such as nerve damage.

Nerve damage can be a big problem when it comes to swallowing as it is your nerves that help you swallow. So for those who have this problem, thickened water can help to keep them hydrated and swallow better. 

However, before you decide to give your loved ones thickened water, it would be a good idea to consult with a medical professional. They can help you make decisions for example if you should go with a gum-based thickener, compared to starch thickeners. 

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Dysphagia? 

If you are wondering about the health of a loved one and whether they might be suffering from dysphagia then there are some things you should look out for. 

The first thing to make note of is whether you notice a pattern in your loved one getting food caught in their throats. If this happens frequently, you might be dealing with someone who has difficulty swallowing. 

Another thing you may notice is that the person doesn’t just have problems swallowing, they also have problems chewing. This can be a result of the nerve damage they are experiencing. They might also have a dry mouth from not being able to swallow enough water which can lead to them being dehydrated. 

If you notice that the person you are worried about is gagging and choking on their food and drinks frequently, this can be a sign they are suffering from dysphagia. 

These can all be signs that the person who you are worried about is struggling with dysphagia. If you believe this to be a case, the next step you should do is consult with a medical professional. 

It is also worth noting that not all people who have dysphagia are suffering from it due to their age. Instead, there are people who are suffering from dysphagia because of other medical conditions such as a stroke, due to cancer, neurological conditions like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, due to an infection, or because of chemotherapy and radiation. 

The most common medical conditions that can cause trouble when swallowing are GERD, acid reflux, spinal cord injuries, stroke, thyroid problems, and having an inflamed esophagus. 

Some medical professionals will recommend drinking thickened water in order to help the person stay hydrated and nourished. Now let’s talk about how to make thick water. 

How To Make Thick Water 

Now that we know why we should care about thick water, here is how to make it if you know someone who would benefit from drinking it. 


When it comes to making your water thicker at home there are some things you can add to your water to naturally thicken it. Here are some ingredients that will help to thicken water at home. 

  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is naturally quite thick. However, make sure that the type of Aloe Vera you are using is edible. A lot of Aloe Vera gels are for skin use only. 
  • Starch – More specifically Tapioca Starch. Starch naturally thickens up liquids which is why it is a good one to add to thicken up water. 
  • Marshmallow herb powder – This is a natural thickener. However, make sure to get the right form in order to utilize its thickening properties. 
  • Cassava flour – Flour is known to thicken up liquids which is why it is used in sauces. 
  • Xanthan Gum – There are also gum thickeners available as well as starch ones. Xanthan gum is a product that is used in a lot of thick water products. The only issue is you need to mix it well as it has a tendency to clump. 

Steps For Making Thick Water

When it comes to making thick water there aren’t many steps involved. Any of the ingredients above should thicken the water a bit. When it comes to making thick water we would recommend following these steps. 

Step One: Choose Your Thickener

The first step when making thick water is choosing what kind of thickener you want to use. 

You can choose between any of the ingredients listed above. We suggest trying each out to see which works best for you. 

Step Two: Add Your Ingredients

Once you’ve chosen your thickener, now you can start adding it to your water. If you’re using an ingredient like aloe vera then simply cut off a piece of the leaf and squeeze out all the juice into your water. Then throw away the rest of the leaf. 

If you’re using a thickener like tapioca starch or marshmallow herb powder then just add the powder to your water. We would recommend starting with a teaspoon of your thickener and putting it into a glass of water. 

Step Three: Mix Well

After you’ve added your thickener to your water, be sure to mix it well. You don’t want to leave any lumps in your water. 

Step Four: Drink!

Finally, drink your thickened water. You might have to wait a few moments for it to thicken but once it has, you can drink away. You can also adjust the amount of thickener you’ve put in your water if it is not to your liking. If you don’t enjoy the taste, try adding lemon to it. 

Using Thick Water Sachets

Whilst you can make thick water at home naturally, there are also ways to make thick water by using sachets that brands make. A lot of brands used corn-starch-based thickeners in order to thicken the water. All you have to do is pour the sachet into the water and mix well. 

There are benefits to using thick water sachets, one being that they are quick and simple. They allow you to change any water into thick water, so you don’t have to carry bottled thick water around all the time. 

Another benefit is that they are cheap. So if you’re looking for a way to make thick water without having to spend much money, then this is a great option.

Using Thick Water Liquids

There are also liquid water thickeners available on the market for you to buy. These are usually available in bottles that come with a pump. Most of these liquid thickeners are gum-based. So you add them to your water and mix until it becomes the thickness you want. 

There are many benefits to using liquid water thickeners, for example, they allow you to thicken your water to any consistency including a honey-like one or to a pudding consistency. Therefore, you have more control over how thick you want your water to be. 

Also unlike other thick water products, there are not many added calories in gum liquid thickeners. So this might be the ideal option for those of you who are trying to maintain their weight or lose weight. This means that you won’t feel bloated after consuming it. 

What Does Thick Water Taste Like?

Thick water might not be as satisfying to drink as normal water and many who are planning on drinking thick water have questions about the taste. 

Well, when it comes to the taste of thick water it can depend on the brand. Some brands will add lemon to their thick water so it tastes like lemon. However, unflavored thick water doesn’t really have any flavor at all. 

Most people will compare it to drinking Aloe Vera as there is no flavor but it is thick. 

Top Tips For Thick Water

When it comes to drinking thick water there are some tips and tricks you should follow before drinking thick water. 

Don’t Use Ice

You might be tempted to pour a glass of thick water and add ice to it to make it colder. However, when you add ice to thick water it changes the consistency of the thick water. This means it can make it runnier than the person drinking it needs. 

Travel With Sachets

Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee that every place you go will have access to thick water. So to help make sure that those who need to drink thick water, you should travel with sachets. This allows you to thicken any water you need to drink. 

Final Thoughts

So whether you’re making thick water at home or buying from stores, there are plenty of options out there. You just have to know what type of thick water you want to use. 

If you want something you can travel with, then you would want to use thick water sachets. But if you want something you can control the consistency of, you may want to use gum-based liquid thickeners. 

Thick water is important as it makes the life of those who are struggling with swallowing a little easier. 

Hopefully, this article was able to answer any questions you had about thick water. We hope you feel more informed and able to help those around you dealing with dysphagia. Please share this article with anyone else you think could benefit from it. Thank you for reading!