Denture Care & Cleaning for the Health of It – Family Caregiver Video Tip

Eating nutritious food regularly is one of the keys to good health at all ages, our senior loved ones included.

For many seniors, properly fitting and functioning “false teeth” – formally known as dentures – are essential to getting that nutrition and, in turn, giving them a better chance at maintaining good health.

Family caregivers, many of whom don’t have dentures of their own, are often called upon to assist in the care and cleaning of senior loved ones’ dentures. Some may even carry the full responsibility for seniors who are unable to do so for them themselves.

We have prepared this Family Caregiver Video Tip to educate those who don’t know how dentures should be cleaned or stored overnight, not to mention how denture wearers should care for their mouths to prevent sores or problems with their dentures.

Denture Care Tips

Kathy discusses and demonstrates several denture care tips in this Family Caregiver Video Tip.

  • Dentures need care and cleaning each day, just like our natural teeth.
  • Rinsing in cold or warm (but not hot) water to remove any food debris is the first step in cleaning dentures.
  • Brushing with a soft bristled brush is next, nothing fancy just a regular toothbrush will do the trick, to remove any plaque or food debris that didn’t get rinsed off. DO NOT use toothpaste when brushing dentures, as many contain abrasives that can damage dentures.
  • Denture wearers should brush all areas of their mouths – including tongue, gums, cheeks and roof – to get rid of any food particles or other debris that might get under the dentures and cause painful sores.
  • Rinse dentures in water after eating (often reminders will be helpful).
  • Perform denture cleaning over a towel or cloth to reduce the risk of breakage or other damage if they slip or are dropped accidentally.
  • Don’t use bleach to remove stains from dentures, as this could damage them.
  • If dental adhesive is needed, as it is for some wearers for a good fit and hold, use the minimum necessary to do the job and remove it each day during cleaning.
  • Store dentures in a proper container when they’re not being used so they don’t dry out, lose their shape, get lost or become damaged.

Remember, proper denture care is about more than keeping them clean. It’s even more about helping our senior loved ones continue to eat without pain to maintain proper nutrition and the best level of health possible.

We hope you enjoy this video and find it informative.

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