Conversation with an Elder Law Attorney – Insights for Family Caregivers

Sometimes we’re frustrated by the legalese that governs so much of our lives but it’s fact. Through the end of our lives, and even beyond, there are legal processes, decisions and documents that we have to get right.

You’d think that by our senior years our legal dealings would be ramping down, but it’s just the opposite. There are so many things our senior loved ones need to have in place to assure they get the benefits to which they are entitled and key decisions in their last years – and even last hours – are made in the way they want.

Many visitors come to Senior Care Corner seeking information on handling the late life and end of life issues and decisions faced by their senior loved ones in order to better understand what’s happening and to assist in making sure what needs to be in place is completed.

Unfortunately, too often some decisions are put off until a crisis forces them to be made, putting extra pressure on family members and possibly resulting in them to be made differently than the senior would want or even having the decisions taken out of the family’s hands altogether. In most cases having the uncomfortable discussions and making the tough decisions in advance can put those decisions where they belong.

We talk often to family caregivers about having the family discussions that are needed and urging their senior loved ones to make those decisions – – and get the documentation in place to make sure they’re enforceable when the time comes. We aren’t lawyers, though, and sometimes words need to come from the right experts.

Elder Law Attorney Conversation

Our long search for just the right legal expert to talk with about these issues ended when we “met” Victoria Collier through Twitter, heard what she had to say and did some research into her legal practice. Victoria is a Certified Elder Law Attorney, whose practice focuses entirely on Elder Law issues. Rather than go into just what that means, we suggest you listen to our conversation with Victoria to hear what she has to say.

Our chat with Victoria includes many insights to help family caregivers assist senior loved ones in understanding what is needed and getting the appropriate advice. We learned some things from her and are sure you will too.

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We enjoyed our conversation with Victoria Collier and appreciate her spending time talking with us and you.

Do you have stories to share about issues you’ve faced with senior loved ones? We love to have you leave a comment and maybe even tell your story on a future Senior Care Corner Podcast.

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8 thoughts on “Conversation with an Elder Law Attorney – Insights for Family Caregivers”

  1. No matter how we don’t like it, all of us will reach to a stage were we get old. Now, when you are getting old there are things that you need to give importance most specially on your wills. It is important that when you have anything planned you have to make it legalized by having an attorney.

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Kathleen!

      A will is certainly important, but not just when you’re older.

      While it is important to have the documents in place to address what happens after you die, we think it’s even more important to have those in place that address issues that are important while still alive, such as advance healthcare directives.

  2. A Whistleblower Lawyer is someone who acts legally on behalf of a whistleblower and can claim misconduct on the part of thecompany. The term ‘whistleblower’ is well known and is associated with someone who metaphorically blows the whistle at wrong doing and in so doing informs the concerned authorities.

  3. I agree that documents should be arranged and planned as early as possible, so that family members will not have problems of fixing those things if their parents are already old. When last will testament is made it is very important that you let an attorney notarized it and make it legal.

    • Thank you for your comment, Mildred. Just one point about what you said: in most areas there are many people who may notarize documents in addition to attorneys, many of whom will do it for no charge. Many people consider it important to include an attorney in the process to make sure they have the appropriate protections in place, though.

  4. I need an Elder Care Attorney. I am my mother’s POA,and I live with he, but have been away 30yrs. I had to quit my job bcz her Dementia escalated. Her affairs are are so out of order.I have hostility and constant interference with family, who have been taking her things for a very long time. Tried to obtain case worker or some oversight for help; without success. I have no support, and cannot leave her alone. Please c intact me at Thank you

  5. Hello,

    Elder Law Attorneys play an important role. They are legal professional who specializes in the area of law that focuses on representing, counseling and assisting seniors or aged people in a variety of legal issues

    Great reminder, It’s never too early to create a will. It’s definitely on my list for the next six months.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Keep up with the good work.

    • Thanks Michael, we believe it is vital to seek the advice of an elder law attorney to be sure all legal matters are in order including advance directives and a will.

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