Family Caregiver Technology Planning Guide for Aging in Place

Senior Care Corner has advocated strongly since our inception for strategies to assist family caregivers in keeping their senior loved ones happy, healthy, connected and in the home of their choosing as long as safely possible.

In a recent episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast we discussed a planning process family caregivers could use to identify and implement technology to help loved ones age in place successfully. Based on your feedback, we’ve formalized that planning process into a document you can use to start your own process.

You may want to listen to the technology planning episode as background regarding the Guide.

Technology Planning Guide

The Family Caregiver Guide is set up with keys (Key bullet) to your and your senior’s success. You will find that each key is a planning step, with a variety of what we call keyhole (Keyhole bullet wide) suggestions to help you determine what your senior’s and your specific needs may be. These keyholes are followed by opened locks (Lock Bullet 2), which will provide you with strategies, interventions and suggestions on how you can fully realize your plan.

The success of any action plan rests with an honest approach to identifying needs, selecting the most appropriate interventions and then evaluating on a regular basis how these planned interventions are working. You will need to put some thought, observation and even some money into achieving success for your family. However, when you do what it takes to play such a vital role in the successful aging in place dream of your senior loved ones, we think you will find that your time and effort was well spent!

Keys to Successful Technology Planning for Aging in Place

  1. Identify the needs of your senior loved one.
  2. Determine and implement the technology options that can help meet those needs.
  3. Evaluate your plan and implementation, making revisions as needed for continued success.

Our guide is not intended to be a prescription for each family caregiver to follow but a base upon which you can build your own plan according to the individual needs of each senior loved one and the resources available from the loved one and/or family caregivers to meet those needs.

 We wish you great success in your technology planning process!

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