Family Caregivers Planning the Care Needed for…the Caregivers

Family caregivers do a fantastic job giving of themselves to care for others. In doing so, however, they often neglect to care for themselves.

As we often discuss, the selfless act of putting their own needs last or even leaving them unaddressed hurts even the one for whom the family caregiver is doing so much – the object of their care. With more than one-third of adults in the US providing care to an older adult – a number growing with the aging population – those giving care face growing strain.

In the feature segment of this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast, we address the need of caregivers to include their own care as a priority so they continue giving their best to others.

Action Plan to Care for the Caregiver

Planning is as important when it comes to caring for oneself as a family caregiver as for any other major activity in life or business. In fact, it may be more important for the caregiver than in other situations because of the constraints of time and energy a family caregiver faces.

Our suggested plan includes a list of Do’s and Don’ts from which family caregivers can draw and upon which they can build based on their situations. These are some starters from our list.

  • Caregivers should take time for themselves, even if it takes scheduling and putting that time on a calendar to make it happen.
  • Caregivers should not be afraid to ask others for help in providing care and be specific in telling them what they can do to assist. Keep in mind that assistance may come in the form of providing respite for the primary caregiver.
  • Caregivers should learn everything they can about the condition or disease being faced by the one for whom they care as well as treatment options. Not to be overlooked is how technology can help keep senior loved ones stay healthy, safe and engaged with their family and the world around them.

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