Family Caregivers: Close VA Benefits Info Gap for Senior Veterans

Only a quarter of seniors who are US military Veterans have enrolled to receive VA healthcare benefits and only a tenth of the rest feel they know what’s available to them through those benefits. Are some missing out? We can’t know unless they know enough about the health benefits to which they’re entitled to make a comparison.

Are your senior loved ones entitled to Veterans’ benefits? According to the Census, half of all senior men are Veterans. In addition, a good percentage of senior women are spouses or surviving spouses of Veterans, if not Veterans themselves. That makes the chances pretty good that your senior loved ones are entitled to benefits. If so, do they know that? Do they know enough about those benefits to make decisions? That might be a good place for family caregivers to lend assistance.

Veterans’ Benefits & Family Caregivers

The feature segment of this episode of the Senior Care Corner podcast delves into senior Veterans’ knowledge of, participation in, and feelings about the healthcare benefits available to them through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). It goes beyond Veterans, though, because surviving spouses are entitled to many of the same benefits as the Veterans themselves.

It’s not as if there isn’t information out there. The VA website alone contains a great deal, maybe so much info that it’s easy to get lost trying to find what you want. It’s not as if senior Veterans aren’t trying to learn, because many say they are. More senior Veterans are active on the web than non-Veterans, which is a great sign. It might be that some need help sorting through what’s there to find what they need.

What’s the role for family caregivers? As we discuss in the podcast, some senior Veterans might need urging to consider the benefit options, both healthcare and other types, available to them through the VA while others may need help determining if they are eligible and, if so, just what benefits are available. Considering those benefits may provide value and allow them to receive healthcare that might not otherwise be within their reach.

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We are thankful for our Veterans and what they have done, and still do, for the US and for the family caregivers who work to make those Veterans’ aging years better!

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2 thoughts on “Family Caregivers: Close VA Benefits Info Gap for Senior Veterans”

  1. This is good data for senior veterans. I think it would be good for the VA to write/disseminate a particular book of data just for senior vets so it does not need to be culled from a large book that deals with things that might be irrelevant to senior vets.

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Paul. We wondered if the VA actually had prepared such a book already. If so, we couldn’t find it – – which would reinforce your point.

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