Favorable Technology Trends for Seniors and Their Family Caregivers

Milestone achieved – – more than half of US seniors are now using the internet. Still many left to get on the web, and especially social networks, but the rapid growth of late is reason for optimism. It is also something we see as a very favorable trend for technology that can address the needs of seniors, family caregivers and other loved ones.

This episode of the Senior Care Corner podcast discusses that and other favorable technology trends we see today, trends that show technology developers and marketers there is real profit potential in developing and offering technologies to meet the needs of seniors, especially those aging in place & living independently.

Favorable Tech Trends for Seniors & Family Caregivers

  • Growth of internet usage among seniors reflects a willingness to consider and adopt new technology, as does the willingness of many to make online purchases and sign up for discounts and freebies.
  • More than three fourths of baby boomers are already active online. With that group rapidly becoming seniors, that market segment is becoming ever more technology ready.
  • Younger adult family members, already tech-savvy, are frequently caregivers of senior family members, whether local or from a distance. This younger group is often influential in the technology decisions made by seniors, frequently making the tech purchases themselves.
  • Attention being given to tech products for seniors by large, well capitalized companies. While smaller companies have long been the source of senior technology products – and will most certainly continue to be the greatest source of innovation – larger companies have the finances to develop, market and support products for large-scale markets.
  • Smaller technology companies in the senior market have banded together to form AgeTek, the Aging Technology Alliance, to gain some of the benefits that larger companies see in marketing to seniors.
  • Technology developers, many of whom don’t understand the needs of seniors, are working with those who have that knowledge to accelerate the growth of tech products meeting the needs of senior and their family caregivers.

We will continue to follow technology trends and are already looking forward to what the 2013 International CES (the big consumer electronics show) will have to offer. We will also continue to present conversations with those offering technology solutions to improve seniors’ lives. While waiting for the technologies our senior loved ones will need, as family members we can help them prepare by getting comfortable with the technologies available today, such as cell phones and the internet. Understanding as much as we can about the needs of our loved ones will also put us in the best position to advise them about the technologies that will best serve them.

News Items for Family Caregivers in This Episode

  • Studies focus on prevention of muscle loss as key to healthy aging
  • A downside of aging in place – – loneliness
  • Could slow walking foreshadow early dementia
  • Deciding about treatments that prolong life
  • How to start the tough conversation with Mom and Dad

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Podcast Transcript – so you can follow along or read at your convenience

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