Fight Brain Decline in Senior Loved Ones with Dakim BrainFitness

Alzheimer’s Disease is a diagnosis no family member wants to hear applied to a senior loved one. Many of us have either seen firsthand what Alzheimer’s does when it affects a loved one or have heard the stories from a friend who has lived it through a family member. We are among those.

1 in 8 older adults in the US has Alzheimer’s – over 5 million people in all – and almost once each minute someone’s senior loved one is diagnosed with the disease.

Over half of all adults 85 and older have Alzheimer’s, which means that as we continue to live longer than prior generations the disease is only going to afflict more and more people.

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s Disease – yet. In the meantime, there are signs from medical research that the risk can be reduced. There are no guarantees regarding Alzheimer’s, of course, but those signs point to lower risk for adults who participate in regular cognitive stimulation over a long period of time. That’s what led us to interest in Dakim BrainFitness.

Think your older loved ones would be interested in spending twenty minutes each day doing fun brain exercises if it meant reducing their risk of dementia? That is what Dakim BrainFitness is all about. It’s clinically tested software for brain health┬ádeveloped for active seniors. Other benefits include memory improvement and gains in focus and concentration (those benefits Dakim does guarantee).

If a picture’s worth a thousand words then a three minute video is worth, well, a whole bunch more. Here’s a video introduction from Dakim.

Think this is something you’d like to introduce to your senior loved ones – – or maybe use yourself? Dakim believes in their software so much they offer a free trial download. The price of the full package, though, is small compared to the potential benefits that could be gained from its use.

We hope everyone will support efforts to eradicate Alzheimer’s Disease before it steals the minds and lives of more of our loved ones – and maybe one day ours as well. In the meantime there’s Dakim BrainFitness. We think it is worth checking out.

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