We Would Love to Hear from You – New Senior Care Corner Message Line

Senior Care Corner is for you – an act of love that we created and continue to nurture in order to help family caregivers and others who care for and about senior adults to improve the lives of the senior in your life.

We develop posts and podcasts as well as seek out products and other resources to inform and equip you for your caregiver role. Our inspiration for the content we provide comes in part from our own experience caring for senior loved ones and even more from the experiences of others.

We observe and hear from both seniors and caregivers through work and other life situations. We’re amazed at the number who share their stories with us once they see or hear that we are from Senior Care Corner.

Providing information that helps you help your senior loved ones is very important to us so we really value what we hear from so many members of our community. There are a number of ways you currently use to contact us.

  • Leave a comment on one of our posts. Whether it’s the latest post or an earlier one, we will see that you left the comment and value your feedback.
  • Email us through the Contact Us page on our site. We have heard from many of you in that way gotten some great suggestions.
  • Leave a comment on our Facebook wall.
  • A number of you have contacted us via Twitter (@SrCareCorner for Kathy and @BarryBirkett for Barry – though you probably guessed that).

We have wanted for a while to give you the option of contacting us by phone, which we know some people feel better doing. We are pleased to announce we are now able to do that.

Announcing the Senior Care Corner Message Line!

You may now leave us your questions, feedback and suggestions by phone on our message line at (864)735-0080. That is a recorded line that notifies us when you’ve called so we can hear what you have to tell us.

We often encourage you to share your own stories so the rest of our community can benefit from your successes and failures. The Senior Care Corner Message Line is a great way to do that as well.

In future podcast episodes we plan to share some of your questions and stories in your words and voices, which is a great capability that the message line gives us.

Yes, we would LOVE to hear from you – – using the means with which you are most comfortable!

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