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Many seniors – and, according to surveys, most of us as future seniors – prefer to age in place in their homes of choice as long as possible. That makes sense, since we want to be happy and comfortable.

How many people, though, chose their current homes with that in mind?

As we age, our physical capabilities and needs change such that the homes that have served us well for years need changes of their own to continue to serve as a safe and comfortable living place. While some choose to move into a home that better meets their needs and others decide to put up with inconvenience to stay in the homes they love, there may be another solution.

For many seniors, that home they love and in which they would like to stay can also be a home that meets their needs as they age so they can do so safely and enjoyably.

In this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast, we discuss the changing demands seniors put on their homes as they age and how those needs can be addressed.

Home Seniorization Checklist

We have prepared the Home Seniorization Checklist, several items to review for potential corrections and/or modifications to seniors’ homes to make those homes a better fit for the needs of older adults.

In this episode we discuss the checklist and some of the thinking behind it.

If you have suggestions for additions to the checklist or other discussion, please leave us a comment below.

References Discussed in This Episode

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