Home Technology for Senior Care with Greater Independence

In this episode we discuss technology that can help improve the lives of seniors in their homes and the peace of mind of seniors’ families.  We highlight some companies targeting the needs of seniors and point out where the consumer electronics industry misses opportunities with the senior marketplace.

Home technology is already making a positive difference in the lives of most people and seniors are no different.  Technology can not only improve the lives of seniors but enable them to safely and comfortably live in their homes long than before (known as Aging in Place), even if they are living alone.

Tech can also give elder family members greater independence living at home. Many seniors who would have needed in-home caregiver support in the past can replace that intrusion on their lives with some form of remote monitoring. The capabilities of monitoring and the numbers it will benefit should only grow tremendously in the next several years.

Senior Care Corner is following technology for seniors closely and this is our first podcast report. The largest showcase for home technologies is the annual International CES (often called Consumer Electronics Show) from the Consumer Electronics Association.  Our visit to the most recent showed the industry has a ways to go in targeting the needs of seniors with their products.  At the same time, there are a number of companies with technology products targeted to specific needs of seniors and their families. The following are some of the resources we discuss.

We will be talking more about home technology for seniors in future episodes and posts.  Please leave us a comment if there is a specific area or technology you would like us to cover.

10 thoughts on “Home Technology for Senior Care with Greater Independence”

  1. Thanks Barry & Cathy and for including GrandCare Systems in your radio program! This is a great idea and I enjoyed listening to your thoughts!

    GrandCare is customizable and fully expandable. We go from a more economic and basic model, to fully-featured, luxury models. Pricing starts low and increases (depending on the model chosen: interactive vs. non-interactive and the sensors deployed).

    GrandCare is a complete communication, cognition and monitoring technology – designed to keep individuals safe, healthy, happy and independent at home. Using a series of wireless activity (door, temp, motion, bed, etc.) and telewellness (bp, weight, pulseox, glucose) sensors, a care-partner can automatically be notified if anything is amiss. Family can can connect by two way video chat AND send pictures, messages, emails, videos and other communications to an easy-to-use touch monitor in the loved one’s home. Loved ones need ZERO technical experience to fully enjoy the GrandCare System!

    THANKS AGAIN and I am spreading the word on your radio program 🙂

    Please consider joining our bi-weekly aging/technology webinar! Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 2pm Eastern Time (11a PT). We meet here: http://grandcaresystems.webex.com

  2. Great podcast and post. I think technology is great for helping people live better lives in their own homes. I have been looking for in-home care because my mother wants to stay in her home as long as possible. If technology can assist in the cost of her staying in her own home that is great and will save money in the long run as less outside care needs to come in. Thanks again for the post.

    • Thank you so much, Cindy Marie, both for coming by and for your comment.

      We think there are many seniors who will be able to safely and comfortably stay in the home of their choice longer because of what technology offers and will offer in the near future.

  3. (877) 391-2548 Nightingale Private Care offers in home senior care to residents living in South Florida. Home Health Aides, Companions, Sitters, Meal Delivery, Homemakers and Live-in Caregivers.

  4. It is never too late to learn something new. I think that implementing technology to help the elderly and home care agencies out is such a great idea. You never know what technology will do for you until you have actually tried to learn more about it.

  5. Great post, Barry!

    Aging in place safety can be hugely enhanced by new technology, including smart home devices and apps. Devices include keypad locks and car door and bumper guards. Some great smartphone apps are “Well Being Plus”, which issues medication and exerciser reminders, and “Red Panic Button”, which alerts your medical contacts to a fall or other need in the event of an emergency. There are also innovative remote monitoring systems for family caregivers, such as “BeClose”. — Ben Mandelbaum, COO at http://www.senior-planning.com/

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