How to Give Your Senior Loved One the Gift of Social Media

Giving senior loved ones the Gift of Social Media is a more than a campaign for us here at Senior Care Corner, but a cause in which we believe because of the benefits to senior loved ones (including the most elderly), family members and caregivers. This gift involves much more than signing a loved one up for a social networking account but is a process that involves many steps and when done right can truly be a shared experience for you and your senior loved ones.

This episode of the Senior Care Corner podcast discusses how to give the gift of social media, laying out the steps involved and considerations that go into making sure the gift keeps on giving.

  • Getting your senior loved one to want to join social media
  • Choosing the right device(s) for your loved one to use in accessing social media
  • Arranging for internet access
  • Selecting the right social networks with your senior loved one
  • Setting up access to the selected social networks
  • Discuss, setting up and reinforcing privacy setting and issue for social media use
  • Practicing and forming the social media habit

We discuss each of these steps in the podcast and lay out the path to making social media an enjoyable and safe gift for your senior loved one and the giving of the gift an experience to remember.

We will have more on the Gift of Social media coming up, including a planned webinar to help put the steps above into action. We hope you check back or subscribe to our posts to assure you don’t miss anything.

We hope you leave us a comment to let us know how the process goes for you or if you have suggestions for making the experience even better.

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Podcast Transcript  (so you can follow along or read at your convenience)

4 thoughts on “How to Give Your Senior Loved One the Gift of Social Media”

    • Love your comment, Janice! Thank you! This helps whenever we have someone tell us “my parents would not use that.”. Certainly social media is not for everyone, but even the people we know best have the ability to surprise us at times and change what we think we know.

  1. My parents would have resisted all the new wonders of Social Media, but I sure would’ve tried to convince them! I believe for Seniors it will literally open up the world to them PLUS they can find all those old friends they talk about…do nostalgic things and so much more from their bedrooms/homes/wherever!

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts, Bruce. I am sure you can pick up ideas in here that came from earlier comments you’ve left, which is truly appreciated.

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