Like Uber When You Need a Doctor – KallDoc on Senior Care Corner Show

Technology bringing the doctor to our smart devices, including our phones and tablets, for a virtual telemedicine visit is a frequent topic of discussion at Senior Care Corner®.

Not only are doctors doing health checkups and emergency treatment via tele-medicine, more doctors are making house calls for our vulnerable seniors.

There are many doctors who are setting up entire practices for the sole purpose of performing house calls for seniors who can’t — or shouldn’t — go to the doctor’s office.

What if we could combine the two and use technology to arrange a house call from a qualified healthcare professional?

Well, that could be possible sooner than you think.

KallDoc — the Uber for Doctors

Now we can link technology with physician house calls through a new “Uber for Doctors” app from KallDoc.

Available in some larger cities and coming to more soon, KallDoc is a way for our seniors, or us as family caregivers, to contact a doctor via an app or computer portal and arrange for a visit to the senior (or any patient) at home.

In the feature segment of this Senior Care Corner Show, Kathy interviews Dr. Mark Baker, a founder of KallDoc, about their innovative way to bring health to our seniors.

As you listen you’ll realize, as we did, KallDoc would also be a great way to help meet the healthcare needs of family caregivers who don’t have time to go to the doctor or can’t leave their senior loved one alone.

In addition to using technology to arrange house calls, KallDoc is rolling out a telemedicine option, which many will find a good first care step, especially seniors in rural areas for whom care is inconvenient.

You can find out on the KallDoc website if house calls are available in your community. They are using crowdfunding to determine where the demand is greatest in prioritizing expansion of their service.

We think that’s a creative way of setting investment priorities.

News Items and Quick Tip

These are the news items in this episode:

  • Social Internet Based Activities Important for Healthy Aging
  • 2016 Best and Worst States to Retire
  • Green Leafy Vegetables Each Day May Help Keep Glaucoma at Bay

Our Quick Tip coincides with our featured segment by helping us all make the most of our doctor visits with tips to be ready for the next doctor’s visit whether in the physician’s office, online or at home.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

  • Keep up with the latest from KallDoc on Facebook and Twitter – – Mark said they we will be offering a special discount price for a limited number of KallDoc Home panels to those following them on social media


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