Keeping Seniors Cool for Less When Aging in Place

Seniors, particularly the most elderly, are especially susceptible to heat-related illness and death, so the beginning of what is expected to be another long, hot summer means it’s time to plan ahead and assure your senior loved ones keep their cool.  While the CDC suggests an air conditioned environment as a preventive measure, the electricity costs to operate the A/C continue to grow.

Combine summer’s heat with so many seniors already challenged in paying energy bills and we get a potentially dangerous temptation to scrimp on the air conditioning to keep the costs down.  Our feature segment explores steps that seniors and their families can take to reduce the cost of staying cool this summer and beyond.

Fortunately, staying cool is not just a matter of turning down the thermostat and paying more for air conditioning. As you’ll hear, there are many other steps we can take that combine comfort with economy.

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What are you doing to help your senior loved ones beat the heat this summer?  Leave a comment and tell us about it.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Seniors Cool for Less When Aging in Place”

  1. If you’d like to be alerted if the temperature in a senior’s home rises or falls outside your acceptable range, the Temperature Alert can do this for you. Very easy to set up.

    • It is very important to keep seniors cool in the intense summer heat. All too often, they can’t or choose not to air conditioner their living space. This device sounds like it could help family members and caregivers track the temperature and help keep seniors safe (especially long distance caregivers!). Thanks for letting everyone know of this item!

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