Mother’s Day and Stumped Again? Think Audio Books for Senior Moms

Mother’s Day and time again to show our appreciation to the mothers, grandmothers and even great-grandmothers in our lives! Well, every day is right for that but I think Moms need a special day because we don’t always show what we feel on the rest of them.

Stumped for a gift for that senior Mom in your life — again? No matter how old we are, it seems like our mothers keep saying they don’t want anything from us or any fuss over them.

Just makes you want to do all the more for them, doesn’t it!

Do they like to read but find it harder to enjoy it now? How about getting them something they don’t yet know they need but might just love and find indispensable once they’ve got it.

Audio Books from Audible

Listening to books can extend the reading pleasure for those who can’t or are uncomfortable holding or visually reading a book or even a tablet or e-reader (which are also great gift ideas). For those who remember books on tape or even CD, put the thoughts of lugging those around or needing big, clunky players out of your mind. This is, after all, the digital age — not just sound but digital delivery.

This is the age of audio books in MP3 format — yes, the same format used for music on our smartphones and those tiny digital music players (okay, maybe “iPod” is the generic term for them but there are many others). Not to mention that many of the newer cars are equipped to play MP3s without a separate player. And, yes, you can play them on tablet devices as well. Anyway, I think you have the picture.

I’ve been an avid listener of audio books for some time and a member/customer of for more than five years. It’s so easy to scroll through their book offerings, pick those you want and download them to your listening device.

Great Reason to Get Mom an MP3 Player

Wanted to get Mom or Grandma an MP3 player for some time but just weren’t sure she would use it? Maybe you got her one already and she hasn’t found a reason to use it. That might just change when she’s able to use it to conveniently continue her love of reading.

Think it’s too late to get a great gift? Giving the gift of is as fast as email. You can choose a book for her or give a subscription that lets her enjoy picking out her own books, which extends the giving beyond the initial gift.

One suggestion, though…don’t just give Mom a digital subscription and think you’re done. No, that might just be the start of the gift process. Unless you’re sure she knows how to do it, show her how to select and purchase a book, download it to her device and how to play it.

Mom might just enjoy the setup process so much she pretends to need your help every time. That’s a bonus gift for both of you!

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  1. Every year seems like a new e-reader or something for my mom. She loves those now. She can download books and share with her friends that have one. Now she can watch movies and read books on the same device.

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