Planning Seniors’ Transition from Home to a Senior Living Facility

While most American seniors and future seniors want to live out their lives in their own home (often referred to as “aging in place”), the simple truth is that many will have a need for a greater level of care, such as may be found at an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Many families find this to be one of their most difficult discussions and decisions, but something they need to face. In this episode, we discuss some topics that may help family members and other caregivers to make the transition from a senior’s home to a senior living facility go more smoothly.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Warning signs that your senior loved one may need more help and no longer be able to live comfortably and safely at home alone
  • How to determine what type of facility is the most appropriate to be the next home for your senior
  • Choosing the right facility for your senior’s home based on needs and financial situation
  • Making the transition as comfortable as possible for your loved one

We will cover these topics more in depth in future posts and shows, but really want to provide an overview for those for whom the time is now to make a transition or who have concerns or questions whether their senior loved one can still be safe and comfortable at home alone.

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