Resource for Family Caregivers: Our Conversation with eCaring

Digital technology and the internet are leading to a number of innovative resources to help family caregivers, including those doing so from a distance, assure that senior loved ones are safe, healthy and comfortable while aging in place alone.

Senior Care Corner is constantly on the lookout for resources, especially tech resources, that can help family members make better the lives of aging family members. We discuss many in blog posts and select some to learn about more in-depth in the company’s own words through conversations in our podcast.

eCaring – A Resource for Family Caregivers

A while back we encountered eCaring through social media discussions (another reason to get ourselves and senior loved ones online) and explored what they have to offer by talking with them and visiting their website (

We learned about the eCaring System and benefits it can provide, including improved communications and reports that a senior’s family caregivers and healthcare team can receive. We especially like how the information collected and delivered can be customized to the needs of each senior.With privacy and data security such big concerns today, it is also good to see that access to information can be customized.

It’s easy to see how eCaring can provide peace of mind to family members through the information they can receive about the activities and condition of their loved ones. Long distance family caregivers can bridge the miles and rest easy, knowing things are going well, or react quickly when intervention is needed to address the needs of the seniors for and about whom they care.

After learning more about eCaring and interacting with them more online, we knew this resource would be a great topic for a podcast discussion and were pleased when they accepted our invitation – and even more so when we learned our guest would be their Founder and CEO, Robert Herzog.

As we’ve learned is true of many innovations related to caregiving, the inspiration that led to the development of eCaring came from personal experience. We enjoyed hearing Robert relate the story behind the system and a lot more about what it has to offer. We think you’ll find our conversation very informative.

News Items in the Episode

  • Study: Mental Skills Decline More Sharply for Women with Alzheimer’s
  • Many Senior Meds Unnecessarily Prescribed
  • Less Chronic Disease in Store for Fit 50-Year Olds
  • Lonely and Living Less

We hope you’ll enjoy this episode and find it informative. Please let us know if there are other resources about which you’d like to learn in future podcasts.

Podcast Transcript – so you can follow along or read at your convenience

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    • Thanks, we are glad you found it informative. We really enjoyed our interview with Robert Herzog and learning more about technology to share and help others!

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