Safe Travels with Elderly Loved Ones

We all like to take a trip from time to time. We may be traveling to our families – to visit, attend a family event or to help someone in need.

At other times we travel around the country to see a new place, visit a special city or go somewhere we “wanted to go our whole life”.

Most of the time when we travel, we stay in hotels and motels along the way and at our destination, sometimes even when we visit family members.

There are some tips we need to consider when we stay away from home that could make a difference between an enjoyable trip and a forgettable experience for you and your senior loved one.

  1. Ask for a room on the first floor in case of an emergency that requires quick departure or for the middle of the night fire alarm that seems to be a part of everyone’s travel experience lately.
  2. Ask if there are grab bars in the shower and bathroom to prevent slips.
  3. Check out the hallways for loose rugs and adequate lighting. No one wants to fall on the way to their room.
  4. If your senior uses a wheelchair, is the facility handicapped accessible in the lobby and room?
  5. Are there safety items such as nonskid floors especially in the bathroom, is it senior friendly with level handles on the faucets, and is the water temperature scald free?
  6. Are there strobe lights in the rooms to alert a senior who might not be able to hear a fire alarm in the middle of the night when they aren’t wearing their hearing aids?
  7. Is there an amplified phone available if needed so that your senior can hear the other person on the line?
  8. Is there a discount for senior citizens that would benefit your senior?

These are just a few ideas that you and your senior might want to consider before you pick a hotel or motel when you are on the road.

Be safe when you travel and be prepared!

Do you have any other tips to share with others – success stories or opportunities for the rest of us to learn from what you encountered? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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