Seniors Staying Active While Having Fun Playing With Grandchildren

Regular visitors to Senior Care Corner know we’re strong proponents of physical activity at every age — but especially for our senior loved ones and their family caregivers.

We often encourage the caregivers of senior loved ones to stay fit so that they can continue to be healthy, both for themselves and those for whom they care. We also want to do everything we can to keep our seniors moving and physically well, too.

Too few people will jump up and get going, choosing instead sitting over their cup of coffee or watching their favorite TV show. We all need encouragement to get moving (even self-encouragement)!

What better motivation to stay physically active for your senior loved one than to keep up with their grandchildren (or even great grandchildren)! Also a great way to create memories for both.

Seniors Staying Active With Grandchildren

  1. Encourage your senior to keep up with younger grandchildren. Just pushing a stroller or going to the park and pushing a swing will help your senior stay active.
  2. Find games that both your senior and the grandchildren can play together to enjoy shared moments but also staying active. Rolling a ball, playing croquet or collecting rocks are some fun shared activities that seniors and children can participate.
  3. Blowing bubbles – one can blow the other can catch are fun memories and good belly laughs!
  4. Swim in the pool or run in the sprinklers on a warm day!
  5. Challenge your family members to some physical video games such as Wii bowling, tennis or a dance party! The competition and ensuing fun will definitely provide some physical fitness for all!
  6. Engage the whole family in fishing, a nature walk, bird watching, miniature golf, picnicking, badminton or other outdoor sport you all enjoy!
  7. Ask the younger family members and teens to help in the yard with some chores that may be too exhausting for seniors such as raking, gardening, weeding, etc. Remember that your senior needs a role too, maybe holding a trash bag while someone else fills it or planting the seeds while someone else digs the hole.
  8. Let children help the seniors with household chores, too, like dusting, sweeping and vacuuming including everyone in the work at hand. Play some old favorites on the radio or stereo so that everyone will keep the beat or sing along!

Together we can have some fun, stay physically active and mentally engaged and share family memories that will not soon be forgotten.

We would love to hear your stories about the activities your family enjoys!

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  1. When a senior is physically active and mentally engaged they stay happy and healthy. This is a nice list of activities mentioned that they can enjoy with their grandchildren.

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