Seniors’ Five Wishes: Key Health and End of Life Decisions

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Senior Care Corner® Podcast!

We are introducing the podcast in hopes this medium helps reach more family caregivers.

The format of each episode will include news items for family members and other caregivers, in depth discussion of a featured topic and a tip for enhancing the life of that senior in your life.

The feature segment in this episode is a discussion of seniors’ Five Wishes, which is a process of making and documenting key decisions on health care and end of life issues to help keep a difficult time from being even more difficult for seniors and their families.

As we have said before (see the blog post link below) and will say many more times, while these are difficult conversations and sometimes harder decisions it is much better to make them in advance of being needed.

Resources Discussed in this Episode

Podcast Transcript  (so you can follow along or read at your convenience)