Aging in Place Introduction for Family Caregivers

Buzzwords and lingo are common with the senior/aging “industry”, with many having meaning only to industry organizations or service providers. Aging in Place is a buzz word (yes, it’s really a phrase but typically said almost as a single word) that has real meaning to both family caregivers and their senior loved ones.

This episode introduces the concept of aging in place, the ability of seniors to age in the home of their choice, and the implications of that choice for the seniors’ families and other caregivers.

Most of our senior loved ones – and even more baby boomers looking ahead to their retirement years – express in surveys their desire to age in place in their own homes. For some it is not practical due to health issues or physical limitations. For others, though, it is virtually a requirement given the cost of alternatives.  Regardless of the reason your senior loved ones want to live in their own home, there are many things to consider to make sure they can stay safe and enjoy living in that home.

References discussed in the episode and Senior Care Corner posts with more information:

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4 thoughts on “Aging in Place Introduction for Family Caregivers”

  1. I am currently living with my 92 year old Grandfather, who completely refuses to be placed into a retirement home. Surprisingly enough, he is able to do almost everything himself. My main purpose in being there is cleaning and making sure he gets out at least once every day. He can still drive (short distances) and does a pretty good job at keeping himself clean.

    I also work with senior citizens every day, helping them cover the out of pocket gaps brought on by government Medicare. I know that many of them feel the same way about living somewhere other than their homes.

    I’ve heard of a few different places that allow you to have as much freedom as you would like, or as little. They sound like excellent alternatives. Thank you for sharing this information! I will definitely have to pass it along to my friends and clients.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and telling us of your Grandfather, Brian. I can only hope to be as independent when I get near that age. Our best to him and to you in your work!

  2. When our parents are reaching at 60’s, we always look for the best care that our parents need when they get older. For me, It is best when they stay at home whereas I could also take care of them. Choosing the right caregiver that would help us take care of our parents specially when we work.

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