Smartphone Apps for Seniors and Their Family Caregivers

Seniors are using smartphones in rapidly increasing numbers, as are their family caregivers. That leads to even more questions about the best apps to use.

There are a number of smartphone apps seniors can use to manage their lives and which family caregivers can use along with their senior loved ones to make the lives of those seniors safer, more enjoyable and — for many — more independent.

Our feature segment in this episode explores some areas in which apps can help family caregivers improve the lives of their senior loved ones.

Before considering apps, though, family caregivers and seniors need to consider the security of the personal information many of these apps hold, information that can put the financial and even physical safety of seniors at risk if the phone falls into the hands of those with criminal intent.

This is not one of the typical smartphone app posts, discussing the features and benefits of specific apps. Because there are so many good options, with more being added all the time, this episode discusses categories of apps family members can use to improve the lives of their senior loved ones.

Senior & Family Caregiver App Categories Covered

  • Calendar apps
  • List and document sharing apps
  • Navigation apps
  • E-reader apps
  • Banking and financial apps
  • Pharmacy apps

In addition, we discuss a bonus utility app category that we find particularly handy.

Two categories of apps we don’t cover in this episode are those specifically tailored for seniors and healthcare apps. Like many areas of the technology market, app developers are just discovering seniors and we feel the number and quality of apps will be increasing greatly.

On the healthcare side, there are many apps already but the quality of their information, as on the web, is uneven. This should be changing as well, with major providers becoming more involved with content. We will certainly be addressing both these categories in the future.

News Items in This Episode

  • Alzheimer’s research funding grows in proposed federal budget
  • Tai Chi participation may help Parkinson’s patients
  • Millions of Americans have artificial knees, with repeat likely for many
  • Memory strategies can make a difference in working memories in seniors
  • Music training may delay hearing and memory loss

Any suggestions along the lines of apps we cover in this episode? Leave them in a comment on this post or on our Facebook wall so we can cover them in the future.

Podcast Transcript – So you can follow along or read at your convenience

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    Phonotto aims to convert a smartphone in the simplest phone for seniors. It exposes the really essentials tasks to do with a phone, Call and SMS, in a really elderly-optimized UX.
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    Hope you can take a look at Phonotto!

    • What a great idea, addressing potential difficulties in using smartphones, which we will be discussing in an upcoming post. We will most certainly take a look at your app. Thank you for coming by and commenting!

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  3. Are there any apps for activity/wellness directors at senior care facilties that help to organize and manage the workload?

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