Technology for Families & Caregivers of Seniors: Preview of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

Technology to improve the lives of seniors and let them stay longer in the homes they choose safely and comfortably has long been an important coverage area for Senior Care Corner.

Staying up to date on technology and influencing those developing and marketing tech solutions led us to join the Consumer Electronics Association and participate in the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

This episode of the Senior Care Corner podcast previews the recently released program for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, focusing on the needs and interests of seniors and their families and caregivers.  There is growing interest in the senior and boomer markets, with more companies either tailor technology for seniors or recognizing the applicability of their technologies to older adults.

CES Program Highlights

There are a number of areas of interest for seniors and their families at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Silvers Summit:  Highlighting technologies for those of baby boomer age and older plus opportunities for technology companies to provide solutions for those groups.
  • Digital Health Summit:  Technology applications and solutions in healthcare.
  • A number of sessions discussing digital home solutions for all ages, many of which will help make aging in place safely and comfortably an option later in life for many seniors.
  • Many acres of technology exhibits, many focused on the needs of seniors and many others with technologies beneficial to all ages.

News Items in the Episode

  • Report of a study that links advance directives with lower end of life healthcare costs for Medicare.
  • News items reporting on health benefits associated with eating certain foods.
  • A possible breakthrough that could “cure” gray hair.
We will be reporting from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in our blog and podcast to bring you the latest in technology and insights for upcoming solutions for current and future seniors.
If following what’s happening in technology is something that interests you, the Tech Enthusiast program at the Consumer Electronics Association is something you might want to check out.

Your Comments Sought

We look forward to your feedback on this episode and especially the technology areas about which you would like us to learn and report further through the Senior Care Corner blog and podcast.

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