Holiday Technology Gift Ideas for Senior Loved Ones

Technology – especially consumer electronics – is becoming increasingly more friendly to seniors and seems destined to be every bit as essential to their daily life as it is for many of the rest of us. In some ways it may be even more so, as it enables them to continue aging in place in the home of their choice longer in life than they might be able to otherwise.

Each year, as the holidays near, many of us wrench our brains to come up with just the right gifts for the seniors in our lives. Often they already have everything they think they need and may even discourage us from getting them anything. That doesn’t block us from our quest, though.

The feature segment in this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast brings those two paths together for a discussions of technology gift ideas we might consider for our senior loved ones this holiday season.

Tech Gift Ideas for Seniors

  • Smartphones – which are becoming more friendly and valuable to older adults
  • Tablets – with so many benefits to offer many seniors
  • Touch screen computers – very senior-friendly and getting ready to hit the scene in a big way
  • Gaming consoles – getting seniors physically and mentally active plus offering a feature often overlooked
  • Internet connected televisions – bringing much the internet has to offer to the biggest screen in the house
  • Home WiFi – making it easy to get the most from all the connected devices in the home
  • Netflix – low cost gift idea that can bring favorite programming to seniors’ viewing screens and maybe even save them money

It’s important to keep in mind that a gift means the most if it’s needed or wanted by the senior loved one who is the recipient of your gift. At the same time, as the late Steve Jobs said about people in general, sometimes they don’t know what they want until you show it to them. When giving something unexpected and as of yet unwanted, extra effort may be needed to give the recipient a chance to see what the gift can do for and mean to them. That extra effort, of course, is part of the gift itself.

We hope listening to this episode will help you come up with ideas for just the right gift for the senior loved one who has you stumped!

News Items in This Episode

  • Doctors don’t always address high blood pressure
  • Diabetes and Alzheimer’s linked
  • Veterans in rural areas to get expanded access to healthcare
  • “Magic” carpet could help shield elderly from falls
  • Tiny telescope implant helps aging eyes see

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