Video Tour of Senior Care Corner – A Roadmap for Family Caregivers

Senior Care Corner is receiving many more visitors in recent months, for which we are grateful. We’re proud to be able to serve so many family members, caregivers and other loved ones of seniors and – through them – so many seniors.

In the four years (that long already??) since we started Senior Care Corner the site has grown tremendously and gone through several design changes to reflect both volume and types of content – – and in the future will be going through more changes as we continue to grow and expand as both the needs of family caregivers and the options available to them grow.

Just as we grew last year by adding a podcast and later a bookstore, Senior Care Corner is branching into video in order to reach even more people by offering media that meet the needs of as many as possible. Look for several video features in the coming months, as we offer tutorials and features for family caregivers.

Our first video experiment is a tour of, walking through the pages and the bookstore to show visitors how to make the most of what the site has to offer. The video is on YouTube but can be viewed right here.

We hope you’ll enjoy our first experiment with video. We enjoyed making it, which convinced us to move ahead in the planning for more video. Subscribing to our updates here on the site or on our YouTube channel (why not both?) will assure you keep up with the latest we have to offer. Why not do it now?

What would you like to see us cover in videos for Senior Care Corner? We would love to hear your suggestions – please leave a comment on our post or on our Facebook wall.

Thank you for being part of the Senior Care Corner community. We appreciate you!

3 thoughts on “Video Tour of Senior Care Corner – A Roadmap for Family Caregivers”

    • Thanks Janice, Barry had a great time with that! Look forward to more of the same in the future!

      We appreciate your thoughts!

  1. Great post, I’ve read several posts here and as always they are a good read. I keep track of what I need to learn for my mother as she needs more and more help and assisted living/ in-home care givers are ever the need in the house. Thanks for your great blog.

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