Who’s Caring for the Caregiver in the Middle of the Triple Decker Sandwich?

So much interest and need for more information has been expressed after our posts about the triple decker sandwich that we decided to take the topic deeper as the feature segment of this episode of the Senior Care Corner podcast.

Many people have told us they identify with being the middle of the triple decker sandwich and we know there are so many more who are in that role but simply don’t take the time to consider their own needs.

The needs of the caregivers in the middle are the focus this time – convincing them that identifying and addressing those needs are key to their continued ability to care for their senior loved ones and children.

Unfortunately, many caregivers feel guilt when they put any thought and effort into themselves, feeling they are somehow cheating those for whom they care. We’ve got to help them realize everyone benefits when the all three decks of the sandwich get attention.

We introduce a new area of focus and discussion for the triple decker sandwich this time, the other children and loved ones of the seniors. While not the primary caregivers, they can play a major role both in convincing the ones in the middle of the sandwich to address their needs and in taking action to help them do so.

News Items in this Senior Care Corner Podcast

  • Aging adults flocking to Facebook
  • Benefit center helps seniors access missing benefits
  • Screening by primary care doctors may spot dementia
  • For injured boomers – knowing when to see the doctor

Links Mentioned in this Podcast

If you have a friend or family member who is in the middle of the triple decker sandwich, we hope you’ll encourage them to spend some time focusing on their own needs because it benefits all involved.

We would love to hear your stories and comments. You may leave them on our site or on our Facebook wall.

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3 thoughts on “Who’s Caring for the Caregiver in the Middle of the Triple Decker Sandwich?”

  1. That would make a great topic for #DadChat, BB…lol (we already did it for those wondering).

    It’s funny…now that my folks are gone, I miss them terribly of course, but I sure don’t miss the process of them losing their independence and becoming more and more dependent on me – especially since it was at the same time of my divorce – and having 24/7 responsibility for my boys at the time (their mom abandoned us almost completely)…

    • Thanks, Bruce. We DID mention in the podcast that this fantastic friend let me cohost a discussion of this topic on #DadChat!

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