6 Aging in Place Considerations for Your Senior Loved Ones

Aging in place, living in a home environment of your choice as you age, is continuing to grow in popularity as an alternative to senior living facilities. Senior Care Corner covers aging in place as an emphasis area to keep families of seniors up to date and informed.

As more seniors state a preference for living in their own homes, they and their families may find the home that served them for years will not longer meet their needs, especially as they move into their elderly years.

This episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast explores 6 considerations seniors and their families should take into account when evaluating a current or potential home as a candidate for aging in place.

Aging in Place Considerations

  1. Location
  2. Needed services
  3. Transportation requirements
  4. Available activities
  5. Finances
  6. Nearby family support

We discuss what goes into each of these considerations to help family members assure their senior loved ones age in place in a home that meets their needs.

Aging in place will continue to be a major coverage area for us and will be the subject of another podcast episode in January, as we report on the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show and some of the devices that make living at home safer and more enjoyable for seniors.

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Podcast Transcript (so you can follow along or read at your convenience)

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