Seniors’ Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Aging

The promise of longevity and healthy aging: seniors and their caregivers (and lots of others) are constantly on the lookout for the next great thing, including foods or beverages, carrying that label.

Many of our senior loved ones and their caregivers have heard about a recent diet that promises to reduce the inflammation often linked to chronic diseases of aging, such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.  While we do know that chronic low grade inflammation is unhealthy, the research is still lacking to prove that there is a diet that will reverse inflammation.

Many popular diets are encouraging seniors to eliminate whole food groups to help prevent inflammation.  This practice is not recommended by health professionals as it can be harmful and carries no proven benefits.

What we do know that can be healthy for seniors as they age

  1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables – fresh and frozen varieties to build a rainbow
  2. Eat fish, fish oil supplements and walnuts to get adequate amounts of healthy fats
  3. Include sources of whole grains daily
  4. Include sources of lean protein and low fat dairy everyday (seniors tend to eliminate these foods just when they need them most)
  5. Reduce amounts of saturated and trans fats
  6. Avoid refined and overly processed foods
  7. Drink alcohol only in moderation
  8. Spice up your meals with seasonings other than salt

Until there is more research to support other more drastic changes in your senior loved one’s diet, we can incorporate these healthy lifestyle changes recommended based on adequate research as part of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  To read more about these recommendations, you may want to read our guest posts from NutritionForTheHealthOfIt.

These suggestions can help your senior loved ones feel better and be healthier as they age.  We would love for you to share some of your recipes or suggestions about how you helped your senior with diet and lifestyle changes for health!

3 thoughts on “Seniors’ Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Aging”

  1. This sounds like a comprehensive list. My Dad is a long-time diabetic so our food choices are pretty much set in stone, but we do try to follow the latest research in case we can tweak his diet at all. Good post!

  2. The recommendations to eat full-fat dairy and to limit saturated fats seem seem contradictory. Can you comment please. Examples of “lean protein” would also be helpful.

    • Thank you Marilyn for stopping by and reading the post about ant-inflammatory diets. We agree with your comment and realize that low should be substituted for full. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. In response to your question, lean protein foods (those containing less than or equal to 3 grams of fat per ounce) will include lean ground beef, poultry without skin, meats that are trimmed of visible fat, pork such as tenderloin cut, varieties of fish and seafood (not fried), low fat cheese and vegetarian protein foods such as beans, nuts and soy products. Remember that protein foods should be baked, broiled or grilled instead of fried.
      We hope you will continue to check out our posts and look forward to hearing from you again.

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