Raising Awareness of Issues Faced by Seniors — Older Americans Month

It is time to Blaze a Trail with seniors across the country. Celebrating Older Americans Month (OAM) gives us the opportunity to raise awareness about the issues facing our older adults as they try to blaze their own trails. Over their lifetimes, seniors – including your senior loved ones – have made contributions to society … Read more

Celebrating Senior Living & Caring – National Nursing Home Week

Each year, care communities celebrate long term care facilities and professionals who provide care to older adults with week long activities in their facilities. This is a great opportunity to learn that the many advances in person-centered care have made caring for seniors different than we may believe — they are not our grandma’s nursing homes anymore! Nursing … Read more

Dealing with Negative Comments – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

When you are a family caregiver, sometimes family members — especially siblings — can offer unsolicited opinions about you are doing. Sometimes it is even the one for whom you care that feels it necessary to comment on your performance or worse yet your “caring.” These comments can be hurtful instead of helpful when you are trying … Read more

DNR Codes and Levels of Care

Many family caregivers of seniors will, at some point, have to answer the question “does your loved one have a DNR?” Too often that question will come at a stressful time, during a medical emergency. “What does that mean?” you may ask. You won’t have to ask that, though, after you read this article. DNR (Do Not … Read more

Resolving Family Caregiver Conflicts – You Can Disagree and Still Care

Family conflict? Never! Let’s face it, we all don’t agree every minute. Family members and caregivers have a multitude of different details and issues to discuss so that actions can be taken to care for the person for whom they all love. These issues are often emotional and trigger disagreements and arguments. Unfortunately, sometimes disagreements … Read more