Seniors Behind the Wheel – When Safety Impacts Independence

Is my senior loved one safe behind the wheel? This is a question many caregivers are asking themselves right now, as will many more in the future. Our senior loved ones understandably want to maintain their independence to come and go wherever and whenever they please without depending on some other means of transportation or being … Read more

Work / Life Balance for Caregivers – Key to Successful Care and Life

Many family caregivers juggle a senior loved one’s needs, children, spouses and a job outside the home. Imagine the amount of juggling required every day to make everyone happy — probably everyone other than the caregiver, that is! Did you know that almost 25.5 million Americans who care for someone 50 and over are also working? In 2012 a … Read more

Caregiver to Caregiver Support – Get Help Then Give to Pay It Forward

Many caregivers find themselves in the role of their lifetime. They enjoy the sense of purpose and fulfillment that caring for a senior loved one gives them. Sometimes, however, we could all use a little help from our friends (or even strangers!). You may feel that your caregiving responsibilities can be more than you can … Read more