Weathering the Storm When the Power Goes Out – Helping Seniors Prepare

Brrrrrrrr pretty much summarizes things for many Americans. This winter’s weather has proven to be difficult for many across the country, adults and seniors alike. The storms, including the recent polar vortex, have dumped snow, rain, ice and freezing temperatures onto us and our seniors making their life hard and putting many at real risk … Read more

After Seniors Fall: Getting Up Correctly – A Family Caregiver Video Tip

Falling can result in disabling injuries for seniors, causing loss of independence for far too many and hurting the quality of their lives. Yeah, but not many seniors really fall, right? Unfortunately, one in three senior adults fall each year. Even worse, those who have already fallen once are even more likely to fall again … Read more

Dad Can’t Take Care of Mom – Now What? Family Caregiver Burnout

Caregivers come in all ages, relationships and life histories. Many times the caregiver of an aging person is the spouse. Naturally, children or grandchildren are supporting their family members who are caregiving but the main responsibility is on the spouse. What we are seeing more and more is that spousal caregivers are getting burned out. … Read more

Advance Directives: When a Power of Attorney Holder Becomes Incompetent

Advance directives — including living wills and, if desired, Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) orders — for our senior loved ones and even family caregivers are very important, we believe. Making end of life wishes clear is crucial, both for each individual and their family members. It’s also vital to designate who will look out for your interests … Read more

Medicare Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment for Seniors

In a recent Senior Care Corner Radio Show, we reported a news story about a durable medical equipment (sometimes referred to as DME) provider being fined for fraudulent Medicare claims for power scooters. While many who this provider gave no- or low-cost scooters paid for by Medicare that were not deemed eligible, there are many … Read more

Giving Thanks for Family Caregivers

Family caregivers are special people whose contributions often go unrecognized but for whom we are most thankful. Giving of themselves to make better the lives of loved ones is often not easy, especially when challenged by Alzheimer’s Disease or other life-altering affliction. We want family caregivers to understand how special they and what they do … Read more