Don’t Let Cataracts Blur Senior Loved Ones’ Vision of Life

You say your senior loved one complains of blurry vision or says things are looking foggy?

Is he having trouble in sunlight or other bright light or glare – – or perhaps trouble with night vision when there is little light?

Maybe your senior tells you that colors don’t seem bright and are more dull looking?

Or she complains that her glasses just don’t seem to be working anymore and that she’s bothered by her lack of clear vision?

It could be that your senior has developed cataracts. They are the leading cause of vision loss in those over 55 years.

Cataracts are a clouding of the lens of the eye and often occur as we age. When the lens of the eye becomes clouded it is difficult to focus light images onto the retina, which works to send the images to our brain.

Cataract Surgery Can Help

Surgery which replaces the cloudy lens with a new lens is the best way to treat a cataract. Currently there are more than 3 million cataract surgeries per year performed in the United States. It is a widely considered to be a safe and effective treatment. The surgery is usually pain free, taking only 20-30 minutes to complete.

Most seniors find that they are resuming their normal activities the day after having cataract surgery performed.  Drops may be given after surgery to prevent infection.

There is no waiting for the lens to be severely impaired anymore and most surgery is done as soon as the cataract impairs a senior’s quality of life. Not treating a cataract can lead to blindness. Generally a cataract will not return but a secondary cataract may develop, which can be treated with a laser and not another lens transplant.

Being able to see clearly will improve the quality of life for your senior, prevent falls resulting from impaired vision and keep your senior engaged! Don’t let blurry vision keep your senior from enjoying life — get your senior in to see an eye doctor if they complain of poor vision.

Actually, regular vision exams are recommended by many professionals as a way of catching problems before they affect vision and quality of life.

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