You Might Be a Family Caregiver… (with Thanks to Jeff Foxworthy)

Our posts and podcasts here at Senior Care Corner often address the importance that family caregivers look out for their own needs in order to be at their best when providing care to their senior loved ones. That is especially important for those who are, as we say, in the “middle of the triple decker sandwich” caring for aging family members while still raising their own children.

Certainly addressing the needs of the caregiver is something with which all agree – though many caregivers say it’s difficult to find the time and still meet the needs of those under their care. That is where support networks and other resources come into play – – but that is a topic for future (and past) posts.

Feature Segment in Jeff Foxworthy’s Style

We note increasingly that many family caregivers don’t identify themselves as caregivers or even realize they are in that role. To many it is a matter of supporting their spouse, parents or children because, well, “that’s what families do.”

Those who provide care to family members are family caregivers, whether or not they see themselves in that role. Not seeing themselves as caregivers, though, may result in them not seeing they have the same need as other caregivers to give their own well-being priority.

Our feature segment in this episode is an effort to help caregivers identify themselves as such so they understand they are among those whose needs should be met along with those of their senior loved ones. We’re taking a somewhat different approach – part education, part entertainment (or at least we hope so!). We decided to model our discussion after the trademark routine of comedian Jeff Foxworthy, one of our favorite entertainers.

By modeling our discussion after Jeff’s routine we mean . . . well, you’ll just have to listen yourself to find out. We had fun putting it together and hope you will find it informative as you enjoy listening. Just don’t expect us to be as good as Jeff, nor nearly as funny!

UPDATE: Based on the feedback we received on this podcast – and the fun we had doing it – we put together a You Might Be a Family Caregiver video that expands on the examples we give in the podcast.

News Items in This Episode

  • Balance, Strength Training Reduce Falls for Elderly, Study Finds
  • Surveillance May Help Doctors Decide to Prescribe
  • More Evidence Exercise Keeps Aging Brains Healthy
  • Exergames Can Help Inactive Folks Get Moving

It is our hope that, after listening to this episode, more family caregivers will identify themselves as such and put attention on their own needs as well as those of their senior loved ones. In addition, we hope that other family members will recognize those who are family caregivers, supporting and encouraging the caregivers’ focus on their own needs.

We would love to get your feedback on this post and any other comments you may have. Did we hit the target? Should we leave the entertaining to Jeff and stick with the education? Go ahead, we can take it!

Podcast Transcript – so you can follow along or read at your convenience

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