Monitoring Senior Loved Ones’ Vital Signs Remotely – Coming Soon!

Does your senior loved one have a chronic medical condition that needs to have close vital sign monitoring?  Do you need to take a blood pressure or pulse frequently?

Help is on the way in the form of a skin patch that monitors vital signs remotely.  The patch is the brain child of some University of Illinois scientists and Northwestern University engineers.

The paper thin patch is an engineering marvel, with a remote wireless antenna, sensors, transistors, and solar cells which make it function.

This device will be able to track not only vital signs but also brain wave emissions.

No one will know your senior loved one is wearing this patch since it is so thin and affixes like a tattoo directly on the skin.  It has the possibility of providing information to medical professionals without all the stress and bother that these results currently require.

Unfortunately, the patch will likely need to be replaced every few weeks since it is placed on the skin but its potential value is great!

Other than the need to replace the patch, we realize there are a number of concerns that this type of remote monitoring could generate, such as privacy.  Any implementation will have to address these, which are most certainly on the minds of developers.

We will be on the lookout for more about the development and release of this device and update you when we have news.

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