Lessons for Families from Webcam 101 for Seniors

YouTube’s current rage is “WebCam 101 for Seniors”, an elderly couple learning the hard way how to tell if their webcam is recording.  It is both as cute and humorous as most anything you will find on You Tube with much younger subjects, whether people or cats.

With this video, though, there are also insights for those of us seeking to get our senior loved ones online and onto social media, be it YouTube, Facebook or other networks.

If you are a regular reader of posts at Senior Care Corner, you know that we are championing the cause of getting senior loved ones onto social media for the benefits for both the seniors and their family members. (if not, here’s one you might want to read)

We hear and read comments from many people that it’s too much for seniors, and especially elderly adults, to learn how to use computers and especially social media sites.  The Huffmans, the couple on the video, should dispel many of those issues — their obvious user issue notwithstanding.

In case you haven’t seen it…

While this cute and loving couple clearly had a bit of trouble figuring out the webcam, there are many positives for those trying to get other seniors onto social media.

  • From the video it is clear that seniors are capable of operating computers.  We hear many people say they just don’t see their parents/grandparents doing that (ours do!).
  • For those of you who claim that your senior loved one either wouldn’t take or wouldn’t benefit from a class on using the computer, did you hear Mrs. Huffman mention the class she took?
  • Using the webcam?  Hey you who said “my grandparents would never want to be recorded on a webcam” – the reason the couple got recorded like that was their desire to get the camera working.

There are more things we can pick up from the video, but you get the point.

What This Means

Our big takeaway from Webcam 101 for Seniors is that we should not assume our senior, and even most elderly, loved ones are either unwilling or unable to use a computer or even social media.  Yes that may be true for some, but we should give those seniors about and for whom we care the benefit of trying to use a computer (or tablet or smartphone) for all the benefits they and we will derive from them doing so.  We owe it not just to them but also ourselves to build that link between them and us, not to mention the rest of the world.

One More Lesson

There is one more lesson we took away from the video.  Be sure your loved ones — and YOU — learn how to set the privacy level of your social networks so others are only able to see those things you want them to see!  Not that it was an issue there, but getting your private moments shared over the internet is not always as cute as this!


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