Alzheimer’s Month Interview with a Dementia Practitioner

Alzheimer’s is a mind-robbing illness affecting 1 in 8 adults.  In addition to the patients, this disease impacts the lives of their families and other loved ones.

This episode of Senior Care Corner marks World Alzheimer’s Month with our first special guest, certified dementia practitioner Gina Kaurich of FirstLight HomeCare.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring you our chat with Gina, a registered nurse and professional geriatric manager whose knowledge and passion are clear.  In our discussion, Gina shares some very insightful personal stories and provides valuable information for families and other loved ones of adults with Alzheimer’s.

Information for Families of Alzheimer’s Patients from Gina Kaurich

  • Preventative measures we can take to help reduce the chances we and our loved ones of getting Alzheimer’s;
  • Warning signs and red flags for which families and caregivers should be aware;
  • The unique dementia program of FirstLight HomeCare; and,
  • Resources available to Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

We hope you will find our discussion with Gina to be as insightful and informative as did we.  We hope to get a chance to have her visit with us again in the future.

Links to Information Discussed in This Episode

We hope you enjoy this episode of Senior Care Corner and find it informative.

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for future guests, either by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post or on our Facebook wall.


10 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Month Interview with a Dementia Practitioner”

    • Thank you so much! We hope we are sharing useful information that can benefit seniors and their caregivers. We would love for you to keep checking back to find more items you can use!

    • Thanks for your comment! We agree and commend Gina and all those involved in caring for people with dementia!

  1. Each year, millions of elderly citizens, require Alzheimer’s care due to a common form of dementia. This disease is characterized by a gradual loss of brain function, and as time passes, the dementia becomes more severe. Alzheimer’s disease is more present in elderly females than males; however, even if this condition is found in elderly individuals, it’s not considered a normal part of aging.

    • Thanks Debra for sharing your information, Alzheimer’s is a disease affecting so many. We need to continue to fight for a cure!

    • Thank you, Sandra, I’ll we will be contacting you. We love providing information straight from the experts.

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