Seniors’ Special Birthday Gifts

We have all struggled with what to get for our senior loved ones when their birthday rolls around each year.

We want to do something that shows everything they mean to us and how much we appreciate all they have done.

We think to ourselves, they have everything they could need and they won’t tell me what they want.

They often say “it’s the thought that counts” but we still want to do more.  There are special gifts we can give them that are truly thoughts that count in their lives!

Here are some ideas that will make you the #1 child or grandchild:

  1. Change the batteries on their smoke detector. Don’t  have a smoke detector? Buy them one and install it.
  2. Help him or her in the yard, the garden or in the house doing something they enjoyed before but can’t quite do anymore.
  3. Check the fire extinguisher in the kitchen.  Hmm, don’t have one–buy it and store it in a  convenient place in case there is a fire.
  4. Buy some new sunscreen and throw away the old stuff.  Go for a walk together or visit a nearby park taking a picnic lunch.
  5. Pick up all the throw rugs and toss them out to prevent falls.
  6. Go around and make sure all the clocks and electronic gadgets are set properly.
  7. Donate to their favorite charity in their name.
  8. Go through their medicine chest and throw away all their expired drugs.
  9. Check the first aid kit and be sure it has everything it needs.
  10. Put the number for poison control on their refrigerator and their street address in case of emergency.  If you live far away, include your name and phone number too in case someone needs to call you.
  11. Bake a cake and celebrate another great family memory!

Just because it isn’t wrapped with a bow or in a shiny box doesn’t mean that it isn’t appreciated more than you know.

Please share with us some of your favorite gifts for seniors!

4 thoughts on “Seniors’ Special Birthday Gifts”

  1. These are really good ideas, one thing that my sister and I did we always took Daddy for a ride just out in the country. When he no longer was able to drive he always wanted to go out on his special day said he wanted to see what had changed. This was just our special time Dad and his girls.

    • Wonderful examples of how simple things are so very special! He didn’t need another tie just quality time with his favorite girls!
      Thanks for sharing your memories with us all!

  2. The next time I hear some one say they do not have an idea of what to get their love one I will share this list with them. Thanks for sharing these.

    • Hi Charlotte!
      We are glad you enjoyed the ideas! We all seem to always be looking for the latest trendy gifts but sometimes the simplest things are best, especially for seniors!
      Thank you!

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