Tell Us How Senior Care Corner Can Help YOU!

We love hearing from so many of you that Senior Care Corner has provided you tips and insights that have helped you as family members and/or caregivers of senior adults.   With 100+ blog posts and a number of podcast episodes on the site so far and no end in sight — and certainly none planned — we hope to assist many more people caring for their elder loved ones make a difference in the lives of those loved ones.

Many topics have been covered so far, though we’ve barely scratched the surface.  Technology, aging in place, and many other topic areas will continue to evolve and grow over time along with the number of senior adults.

Help Us Help You!

Our list of topics for future blog posts and podcast episodes is long, as is the list of experts and others we want to share their stories through interviews in the Senior Care Corner podcast.  We need your help in prioritizing our topics to make sure we provide what is most helpful to you soonest.  Also, we don’t want to assume we have anticipated all of your needs and expect you have some topics that would be useful that we have not anticipated so far.

Yes, we have senior family members and have worked professionally with many other seniors, their family members and other caregivers — but we are smart enough to know we have not encountered all of the situations and issues that you and your elder loved ones have faced in special situations or even everyday life.

What Topics Should We Cover?

Please let us know in what ways we can provide more and better information for you.

  • Topics you would like to see us cover that we have not?
  • Topics for which you would like to see covered in more detail or in greater frequency.
  • People (either roles or specific names) or companies you would like to see us interview for the podcast.
  • Products or product categories you would like to see us cover or review.

Several Ways to Share Your Thoughts With Us

We’d love to hear from you and want to make it as easy as possible for you to do it.  There are many ways you can reach us.

  • Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post.
  • Send a note through the Contact page on our site.
  • DM @SrCareCorner on Twitter or mention us in a Tweet.
  • Leave a message on our Facebook wall.
  • Send an email to Kathy ( or Barry (
  • Call and leave us a message at 646.580.5669
  • Leave a message on our wall on Facebook

Choose the way that’s best for you to tell us how Senior Care Corner can help YOU!

Thank you!

1 thought on “Tell Us How Senior Care Corner Can Help YOU!”

  1. I just finished reading your piece on Denture Care Tips and thought it was very well worded.
    I am looking at developing a brouchure/handout for care aids in Seniors homes/Long Term Care facilities for Seniors Oral Health…including seniors who still have their own teeth. Wondering if you have anything already with other Oral Health Tips besides just Denture Care?
    Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.
    Sue DeSchipper

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