Old People Candy – 30 Great Candies From Yesteryear

Old People Candy – 30 Great Candies From Yesteryear

Candy has always been a part of our lives. From childhood, we’ve all had our favorite treats. Some of us even remember the taste of our first piece of candy from when we were kids. We’re not just talking about chocolate and lollipops here: there are so many different candies out there, and new ones … Read more

How to Determine the Height of a Walker

A walker can be an invaluable tool for seniors who are coming to grips with having less mobility than they used to.  If your loved one needs some help moving around, you should definitely be considering a walker as an option. But if the walker isn’t set up properly to work for the user, it … Read more

Best Shoes for Elderly Feet

As time passes, our body naturally accumulates some wear and tear. The feet, in particular, can take quite a beating – after all, they support our entire body weight every moment of our lives that we’re standing!  That’s why the best shoes for elderly feet aren’t quite the same as the best ones for most … Read more