Old People Candy – 30 Great Candies From Yesteryear

Old People Candy – 30 Great Candies From Yesteryear

Candy has always been a part of our lives. From childhood, we’ve all had our favorite treats. Some of us even remember the taste of our first piece of candy from when we were kids. We’re not just talking about chocolate and lollipops here: there are so many different candies out there, and new ones … Read more

Exercises for Building Stronger Muscles and Refueling Afterward — Tips and Video

Senior Care Corner® is a sponsored blog partner of Ensure® but the opinions in this article are ours alone. Please see below for additional disclosures. Are you and your senior loved one minding your muscles and staying strong? Muscles hold us upright, allow us to move and are needed for the function of important vital organs such … Read more

7 Tips for Making a Difference in Seniors’ Health and Quality of Life

Every year in September we celebrate the well-being of older adults and encourage them to take steps to live healthier, more active lives. The goal of the celebration is to provide information to improve the lives of seniors in the areas of physical health, mental health, socialization and financial well-being. The bottom line message is … Read more

Family Holiday Traditions are Strong, Healthy and Important to Our Seniors

Are you celebrating the holidays with your senior loved ones, family members and friends? There are many ways that we celebrate our family holiday traditions, each family has its own to share. Whatever faith or festivities your family enjoys, holiday traditions are deep in your senior’s soul and mean more than you may realize to their … Read more