Our 50th Senior Care Corner Show! Questions from Family Caregivers

50 episodes of the Senior Care Corner Show . . . and counting! We are pleased to reach this milestone, reflecting almost two years of our biweekly show, and proud that our listenership continues to grow and benefit from our work. We wanted to do something special for our feature segment of this episode, something … Read more

DNR / Advance Directives in Senior Living Facilities: Lessons from the News

Lifesaving and other medical care policies of senior living facilities should be determined before senior loved ones move into the facilities, as we are reminded by a recent news story that has created much discussion and controversy. News reports suggest that a California woman who laid dying while the staff in her independent living facility … Read more

Seniors’ Financial Identity Under Attack – Senior Care Corner Show Discussion

Seniors’ finances ARE under attack from those who want to take their money or make money stealing their identities to impersonate them. Our latest episode of the Senior Care Corner® Show addresses how we can help our seniors protect what they have from ID theft. Of course, everyone’s finances are under attack, but our mission … Read more