Dietitian’s Tips for Keeping Your Senior Loved One’s System Regular

Let’s not be squeamish…it’s time to deal with irregularity.  It’s not all about eating yogurt every day! Even though it happens in every person, seniors are most often affected by irregularity and many seem to focus their attention on their bowel movements more than they realize. While an occasional bout of constipation is probably natural, … Read more

Seniors Tracking Their Health – There’s an App for That

Medical tracking using the latest technology is growing stronger every day. We believe that your senior loved ones, while beginning to adopt technology, probably haven’t yet gotten familiar with some great technology apps that can help them track and improve their health and wellness. Many of our seniors are using smartphones in a variety of … Read more

Foods to Help Seniors Build Strong Muscles

Seniors building muscles? Surely we’re not talking about bodybuilding? No, this is something more critical to their lives, their safety and health – fall prevention. Falling among seniors is a leading cause of injury, hospitalization and even death. Caregivers have heard this long enough to understand the implications of one misstep for their seniors especially … Read more

Seniors Using Their Cell Phones as … Phones

With more computing power than carried on the first moon mission, our cell phones – smartphones in particular – give us the ability to perform many functions beyond simply making phone calls. In fact, many are capable of making phone calls without using the phone system. Most of us utilize the capabilities our phones give … Read more

Which Social Network is Best for Seniors?

The response we’ve received to our campaign to get senior loved ones participating in social media is gratifying to us at Senior Care Corner. So many have told us it is making a difference in the lives of parents and grandparents. Yes, there is still a long way to go, especially with the most elderly … Read more

Keep Senior Brains Sharp – and It’s Fun Too!

Maintaining cognition (awareness, reasoning & judgment) as our senior loved ones age is an important concern for family members and other caregivers.  A decline in mental abilities can often impact the ability of our elders to maintain the independence they desire. We are often looking for the magic pill that allows us to age gracefully or … Read more

Social Media Rules for Senior Loved Ones

Rules – for social media? But aren’t the web and, especially, social media supposed to be all about freedom and flexibility? Guidelines may be a better word — guidelines to maximize the benefit seniors can get from social media while avoiding those pitfalls that can come with online activity. We discussed the benefits of social … Read more