Why AI is Important to Seniors and Their Family Caregivers

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is everywhere at CES® 2019 and may be the hottest topic in conference sessions and on the exhibit floor. There are 490 exhibitors in the directory under the heading “Artificial Intelligence” and it seems like most of the other 4,000+ are talking about it as well. With all the benefits of … Read more

CES 2019 to Showcase Tech Impacts Throughout Everyday Life

It’s two days before CES® 2019 officially opens so things are quiet, right? Not so fast! Media events started today, meaning lines, crowded rooms – – and the beginning of the information flow from the greatest show in tech. More than that, really, as CES 2019 looks more than ever to give us insight into … Read more

Eating Well While Growing Older – Family Caregiver Quick Tip

As we age, many older adults tend to change the way they eat. This change may be intentional for many and while for others it is done unknowingly. Many will eat less thinking their bodies don’t need as much food because they aren’t as physically active as they once were. This way of thinking may … Read more

CES 2019 Preview — Planning Complete (Sort of)

CES® 2019 is just about upon us and our planning for the event is complete! Well, mostly anyway. You know that old saying, “planning the trip is half the fun”? With CES, planning the trip is half the stress. With so much to see and do at CES, with the 2019 version looking even bigger … Read more

Recipe for a Happy Family Caregiver Holiday

As family caregivers, our love and devotion to our senior loved ones shows through in our actions every day. As we complete each of our caregiving activities day in and day out, we show our commitment to improving our loved ones’ quality of life. Yes, our caring shows. We may be driving to the doctor, doing the … Read more

Improving Health Through Participation in Clinical Trials

How many people do you know who have participated in a clinical trial? A clinical trial or research study involves human volunteers (also called participants) and is intended to add to medical knowledge. There are two main types of clinical studies: clinical trials and observational studies. Family caregivers may not realize that clinical trials/studies not … Read more