Multigenerational Activities: Joy Today and Shared Memories Forever

Spending time with family, especially children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, can be joyous for our senior loved ones. Family activities and togetherness benefit our seniors and the rest of the family in many ways. Besides happiness, they can relieve stress, brighten a mood, increase physical activity and provide much needed socialization. Seniors also can give back to the … Read more

Family Holiday Traditions are Strong, Healthy and Important to Our Seniors

Are you celebrating the holidays with your senior loved ones, family members and friends? There are many ways that we celebrate our family holiday traditions, each family has its own to share. Whatever faith or festivities your family enjoys, holiday traditions are deep in your senior’s soul and mean more than you may realize to their … Read more

Active Aging Week – Promote Senior Health & Let the Adventure Begin!

We have been advocates for some time about the need to stay physically active as we age. We feel strongly that it will benefit both family caregivers and seniors to be active each day in activities that you enjoy. Therefore, we are happy to support the International Council on Active Aging’s (ICAA) celebration of Active … Read more

Personal Health Data Dashboard – Set Up Your Senior’s Patient Portal

We’re being inundated with electronic information these days. We have many devices, our smartphones, tablets, computers and wearable devices, that connect us with the wider world. You may use your smartphone to help you be a more effective caregiver. Many of us do so, perhaps without even realizing it. Smartphones can be one of a … Read more