Family Disney Vacation With Seniors – Keep it the Happiest Place On Earth

Planning is a big part of the fun with family vacations, especially when it’s shared. It’s also a key in determining if the vacation will be seen as successful when everyone is back home, especially when traveling with very young and/or elder family members. With summer approaching many of us are planning our summer getaways with … Read more

Celebrating Older Americans Month and Seniors Getting Into The Act

Each May we honor the many contributions of our seniors in service to the country by celebrating Older Americans Month. At the inception of Older Americans Month, known then as Senior Citizen’s Month, many seniors were living in poverty with very few programs to assist them. Today we have many programs that assist seniors, though many still need help. The … Read more

Text Messaging – New Way To “Visit” the Doctor and Improve Healthcare

Technology has had a real impact thus far on healthcare and will continue to eventually make great improvement in the services our senior loved ones receive. Leading, hopefully, to better senior health. We are able to use technology to see their – and our – medical reports, store health history and be more closely involved in their medical data … Read more