Interview with an Audiologist for Better Hearing & Speech Month – Senior Care Corner Show

Isolation, depression and other issues are faced by seniors who live with uncorrected hearing loss. A third of seniors have a hearing impairment, according to the National Institutes of Health. Unfortunately, many go undiagnosed because the seniors either don’t realize they have a loss, don’t want to admit it, or don’t want — or don’t think … Read more

Like Uber When You Need a Doctor – KallDoc on Senior Care Corner Show

Technology bringing the doctor to our smart devices, including our phones and tablets, for a virtual telemedicine visit is a frequent topic of discussion at Senior Care Corner®. Not only are doctors doing health checkups and emergency treatment via tele-medicine, more doctors are making house calls for our vulnerable seniors. There are many doctors who are … Read more

The Snarf Scarf: Neat Eating for Style & Dignity

Enabling senior loved ones to enjoy lives that are healthy, safe and comfortable is the mission of their family caregivers. Important to that is helping them live with self respect and dignity. Working with older adults for most of my career as a dietitian, I have worked closely with seniors who are recovering from strokes, dealing with Parkinson’s … Read more

Enabling Caregivers and Seniors Themselves “To Know Me” on the Senior Care Corner® Show

Long-established habits, routines, likes and dislikes are common in senior adults. Adherence to those can often make the difference between good and bad days, especially for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. Knowing those would be key to getting the personalized, compassionate care family members want for senior loved ones who live in senior … Read more

Choosing the Right Nursing Home – Family Caregiver Advocate on the Senior Care Corner® Show

Choosing the right nursing home to be the next home for a senior loved one is a stressful process for family caregivers. Not only is the whole concept — that the senior’s needs are greater than can be met at home — often difficult for everyone to accept, but how does one decide which senior living … Read more

Talking Senior Hunger with the National Council on Aging on the Senior Care Corner Show

4.8 million senior adults in the US face food insecurity. Is it possible your senior loved ones are included in that number without you realizing it? How would you know? If they are, what could you do to help them? Senior hunger is an issue of emphasis for us at Senior Care Corner® because it … Read more

Seniors & Dogs: Conversation with a Pet Expert on the Senior Care Corner Show

Seniors and dogs can be a great combination, especially for those seniors aging in place on their own. The companionship of a dog or other pet has been shown to provide real health benefits to seniors and help them avoid a feeling of isolation. It’s important, though, for thought to go into selecting the right … Read more

Holiday Family Meeting and Senior Gift Tips – Senior Care Corner Show

Holiday family gatherings, in addition to fun, socializing and maybe a bit of stress with loved ones who don’t often get together also provide an opportunity for family members to meet and discuss topics best addressed together. Planning for these meetings is one subject in the feature segment of this episode of the Senior Care … Read more

Commission on Long Term Care Report Insights – Senior Care Corner Show

12 million Americans need long term care services, a number certain to grow as the nation ages. Who will provide those services and where will we get the dollars to cover the costs? Good questions. In January 2013, Congress called for an effort to answer those questions by establishing the Commission on Long Term Care … Read more