The BEST Device for Seniors to Access the Web & Social Media is…

There are many benefits for seniors in accessing social media and the web, but which device is the best one for that purpose out of the many options that are available (a number that is growing all the time)?  That question is one we hear frequently from both elder readers and their family members.  We … Read more

Challenges for Family Caregivers Feeding Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease presents many challenges to family members and other caregivers of seniors.  Key among those is making sure our senior loved ones continue to get the nutrition they need through the food they eat. The feature segment in this episode of the Senior Care Corner Podcast addresses those challenges are offers suggestions to help … Read more

Keeping Seniors Cool for Less When Aging in Place

Seniors, particularly the most elderly, are especially susceptible to heat-related illness and death, so the beginning of what is expected to be another long, hot summer means it’s time to plan ahead and assure your senior loved ones keep their cool.  While the CDC suggests an air conditioned environment as a preventive measure, the electricity … Read more

Home Technology for Senior Care with Greater Independence

In this episode we discuss technology that can help improve the lives of seniors in their homes and the peace of mind of seniors’ families.  We highlight some companies targeting the needs of seniors and point out where the consumer electronics industry misses opportunities with the senior marketplace. Home technology is already making a positive … Read more

Aging in Place Introduction for Family Caregivers

Buzzwords and lingo are common with the senior/aging “industry”, with many having meaning only to industry organizations or service providers. Aging in Place is a buzz word (yes, it’s really a phrase but typically said almost as a single word) that has real meaning to both family caregivers and their senior loved ones. This episode … Read more